Monday, September 13, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!! Top Two Things You Want to Accomplish before the End of the Year!!

It's that time again for Top Two Tuesday with Tay over at The Undomestic Momma.  You can check out Tay's Top Two picks and many other Momma's and Ladies HERE!!

Get Better at Photography

found here


1. Reading This


Learning This

Eventually want to learn this

My Photography Goals for 2011:
 decide if I am going to shoot Raw or continue shooting JPEG
learn how to shoot Raw
to learn how to use the Manual setting on my DSLR
learn photoshop
to take more photos


2. Pay off some Bills and Save Money

so we can start planning for another Baby, hopefully a Baby Boy!


  1. I LOVE your picks. I LOVE that you are into photography! That is so awsome!

  2. Great picks! I want to get more into photography too!

  3. Perfect picks!! I already think that you are great at taking pictures!! I wish that I was better....I am pretty much just a point and shoot type of girl. I thought about taking a class to learn more...but then I lost the motivation! ha....maybe one day.

    OH I SO hope that you have a baby boy someday (soon)!!!

  4. Saving more money and planning baby number two is on our goals as well! Except Im hoping for a GIRL next time around :)

  5. i'm totally with you on learning photography!

  6. Those are some great goals. I love photography and learn something new everyday!

  7. OK I need to do both of your things! I so need to learn to use my Photoshop Elements! I know I would love it if I knew how to use it LOL!!

  8. LOVE your picks!! Some of my favorite eye candy is beautiful photography of families. It is always so sweet.

  9. Those are great choices! I wish I had the time to learn photography.

  10. I really want to learn more about photography too! It would be great not to have to go to a photographer everytime I want professional looking pics! since i do have such a nice DSLR to work with!

    Great picks :)

  11. Excellent picks!! I want that camera!!! My husband
    And I can totally agree with your second pick! I was gonna say "I agree with your number 2..but that wouldn't have sounded too good!
    Your header pic is just beautiful!