Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Yesterday Nik and I met Daddy at the office and we followed him home.  We pulled in the driveway behind Daddy, and Nik and I got out of the car. Hubs was on a business call in the car, so Nik and I headed to the door together.  As I approached the door, I saw this big package, and I thought to myself, "What did the Hubs buy now, Ha!"  I said, "Look, Nik, we got a package."  I stepped onto the porch and looked down at the delivery address and see that it's addressed to ME. I didn't recognize the return address, so I was at a loss as to who it was from. 

I had in the past couple months bought a few things for Nik, so I was trying to figure out if I forgot about something...I then signed up to receive newsletters for something and they sent me an educational Disney DVD for Nik, so I then wondered if it was from them.  Hubs also said that he bought me a gift the other day, but he never gave it to me, so I'm thinking maybe it's from him. I know he's just over in the car, so I'm hesitant to open it unless it's a gift from him, but I figured he wouldn't put my name on it bc he'd want to give it to me, so I figure I'm okay to open it. I lean down and Nik is right by my side, and I rip the tape on the package. There is a lot of bubble wrap in the package, but I see pink tissue and a gift bag inside, and I get a little giddiness in my gut at what it might be...

I take the bag out, and I am trying to figure out if a fellow blogger sent this persoanlly to me, bc I can't think what it might be or who it's possibly from. I open the card, and it says, this...

I couldn't believe it, and wasn't really sure what was going on or what was inside.
I take out the tissue and I see that inside is this...

All these thoughts are rushing through my head as I am trying to put this together. As you remember, I blogged about a giveaway at The Undomestic Mama, and I remember, I was so disapointed that I didn't win.  And, I am feeling like a kid at Christmas coming home to this fabulous, wonderful, amazing, incredible gift on my doorstep,so unexpected!

I was just humbled. Truly humbled. You should have seen me on the porch jumping up and down, waving at the hubs in the car, who is still talking on the phone. He and the neighbors must have thought I was a crazy person, going on like this.  Nik immediately grabbed a bottle, and she did not want to let go, I had to gently coax it away from her.  Hubs comes up, and I have to ask him if this was my surprise gift? Did he read my blog, and decide to surprise me, and try and act like he had nothing to do with it, bc that is something he might do, and Hubs is shaking his head saying, no, he bought me a book (which depending on the book, I might be equally excited about, hee hee).  I was in such shock that I had to ask him several times. I couldn't believe how blessed I was to be receiving this generous gift.

After Nik went to bed, hubs and I were so excited to look at the products.  He was asking about all the products and putting cream on his face, and at first I thought it was cute, then, I said to hubs, "Babe, it's not like Jergens, you can't just puts globs of it on, ha"  I said, "You have to use tiny bits so it lasts, it's a quality product, so a little bit goes a long way."  Hubs gave in. 

A tiny detail I LOVED was the tag.  I thought it was so cute!

I took a shower last night and used the

My face breaks out a little around that time (which is now, ugh!).  The little bumps just kind of lie under my skin, and itch, but never really surface.  Obviously still visible though, and it kind of makes me conscientious.  Last night I took a warm shower before bed and put this cream on.  This morning, it seems as though my pimples are less noticeable, and my overall skin color appears much better.  My skin is SO SOFT. I am in love with how soft my skin is.  People must think I am crazy at work, sitting at my desk rubbing my face, ha!

I also used this

I applied this around my eyes, and smile lines and Immediately after I put this on, I could feel the cream tingling, so you know it is working.  The area this morning, feels softer, smoother, and maybe I'm crazy, but I feel like it noticeably looks better!

I know I feel better about myself because I feel like I am taking better care of my skin, and giving it the vitamins and nutrients it so desperately craves.  You can see and feel the quality of their products.  It's one thing when you put lotion on your body, and your skin does feel less dry, and maybe a little sticky, if it's semi-nice lotion, it will leave it feeling pretty smooth. But I have never felt lotion that left your skin feeling this soft and cream that you can actually feel penetrating the surface of your skin.

I don't know if anyone else came home to one of these surprises yesterday too, but I am incredibly humbled and so grateful that I arrived home to find this generous gift.

Thank you Pevonia.

Love to all.