Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy 18 Months.

I have a couple photos that the pumpkin and I took last Saturday that I want to share with you all. Since our computer is on the Fritz, I will be sure to show them to you all later. This photo is from a month ago, but it's one of my favs.

My 17th month list was so long. I can't imagine posting one that long again, phew...and since most of it still applies, I'm just going to share a couple things the pumpkin has been doing lately.

What you are about right now.
1.Mondays are hard for you. You cry, scream, and attempt to throw a fit every Monday when I drop you off at Daycare for the day. It breaks my heart every time, and I usually cry the rest of the way to work.
2. You slapped a little boy at daycare when he wouldn't give you a toy you wanted.  You had your first time-out.  The next day another little boy shoved you when you tried to take a toy he was playing with.  Hopefully, he had a time out too.
3.We think you may be ready for time-outs. Is 17 Months too young to start time out?? Since you turned 17 Months, you seem like you are needing them. The tantrums are beginning. Mostly when you're tired/hungry.
4. You are MILK crazy lately.  You want MILK all the time.  You will go to the fridge when you want milk.
5. You are still really into sticking your finger in your belly button. Which is just wierd and kind of grosse.
6. You LOVE to dance whenever you hear music. You went crazy to Brittany Spears yesterday. "Oops I did it again," and "Toxic."
7. You have a little buddy at daycare. You're second daycare boyfriend. I came to daycare early and caught you flirting with him during story time.
8. Caught you running around and playing with friends at daycare, when you didn't know I was there.
9. You are really into sitting in the Car pretending to drive, and pointing out trucks when we see them on the road. You make the steering movement and a "vrooooooooom" sound.
10. You know which items are the bed, dresser, lamp, table, chair, pillow, book, teddy bear, blanket, cup, diaper, wipes, etc.  You like to read the book so we can find the items.
Still signing. Cookie is the newest one.  Making "squirrel eating nuts" gesture is your most recent animal action.
11. Love to play with Daddy's tools and stuff in the garage.
12. Still love slides, hitting balls with a bat/golf club.
13. You LOVE playing outisde.
14. LOVE to be swung around, held upside down, and to spin around.
15. YOU LOVE RING AROUND THE ROSY, and everyone that is in the room has to participate. 
16. You love to sit in the computer chair and pretend to be on the computer, banging on the keyboard and spinning in the chair.
17. You have started making a "Cheese" face and say "zzzzzzz."  Obviously as an aspiring photographer, this is a nightmare for me. Hubs thinks it's funny.
18. You are really into saying please, which also sounds like how you say cheese, "zzzzzzzz."
19. You will stand on your step stool, look in the mirror, and pretend to rub lotion on your face like Mommy.
You also like to put lotion on me and you.
20. You love to brush your teeth.  You have to repeatedly have more training toothpaste and you like to suck the water out of the brush.
21. You like to sit in your booster seat and eat dinner. You don't like to sit at your own table as much anymore.
22. You like to play under a blanket like a canopy/tent.
23. You LOVE when I smell your feet and say "Peeee Yewwww, Stinky Feet" and make a face, hold my nose, and move my hand back and forth across my face.  You haev me do it over and over again.
24. I was driving and heard you sniffing in the back seat over and over followed by a little cry each time. I looked back, and you had your baby's feet to your nose, and you were smelling her feet and making a noise like Mommy does to you. It was too cute.
25. Lately you have wanted to be rocked to sleep, and you are really into running up to me and giving me big hugs/snuggles.  It's the best!

Well, that list also got a little long, but a Mom can't help it I guess.
Time is going by so quickly.
I'm sure 2 will be here before I know it.
Love you Baby Girl. Happy 18 Months.

Love you, Mommy


  1. Such a sweet list! I think it's awesome you do that for her. :)

  2. Happy 18 months sweet girl! Is this what I have to look forward to? We are RIGHT behind you :)

  3. Such a sweetie - love this age! What a good mommy you are!


  4. Awww, happy 18 months! GG is an outside baby girl too! Love that your pumpkin is discovering her belly button. There's a Sandra Boyton book called The Belly Button something... ( can't remember the exact name) but it's all about belly buttons and they call them beebos! It's hysterical and one of GG's favorites and Bret's to read.

  5. omg...this list is sooo cute! My daughter is 19 months. We started an email address for her and we email things like this to her as they happen and we'll pass on that email address to her when she's old enough. :)

  6. Love it! Blake is milk crazy too...would drink it all day long if we would let him!! SO funny that she is a Brittney fan already :)
    Such a great age, huh?!