Friday, October 1, 2010

My New Obsession.

The Apprentice.

I don't really watch TV. Obvs you all know that we don't have cable which makes that pretty easy, I guess. Though we never much watched it anyway. Or we'd watch it too much and hate ourselves for it, ha!
I LOVE the office too, but I usually miss some of it taking care of Nik. I also have not found it to be as good this season so far, maybe I'm just coming into the episode in the middle/end and I get lost or something. Anyway, is 30 Rock not on anymore?  Haven't seen that.

Well anyway, I think Apprentice used to be on Sunday night, right??  Well, it's on Thursdays this season, and I LOVE it. It's on kinda late, but I'll stay up to watch it. Gives me a chance to clean the kitchen and pack Nik's diaper bag before the next day. Then, I can settle down to watch it and relax.

This year, he has hired people that lost their job in the economic crisis, and I have to say I think it has made it that much more Fab!  Literally, these people are all struggling, and on edge bc the have lost their career, and they are passionate and hungry, that's for sure. I have never seen people claw at each other like this. They turn on each other at the drop of a hat. And, they're brutal and so unforgiving!  It's horrible, but fascinating at the same time. Kinda sick, I guess. But, I'm hooked.

The other part of it is, that I have to give Donald credit. I think what he's doing for these individuals is great.  Simply amazing. These individuals, I admit all come from great educational backgrounds and career  experience/resumes, obvs, would he settle for anything else??  So, they prob would have eventually found jobs, but I still think it's great that he's trying to help them.  The great part is though, even if they get kicked off, he'll try and set them up with a contact/interview indirectly, or through a company that he manages.  And if they win the challenge for that week, he's also offering them assistance furthereing their education, mentoring with a successful individual/company. 

But, literally these people, since day one have been like Cats and Dogs, or shoud I say, wolves and well, wolves. It's been brutal. Really makes for an interesting show. Much more so than the celebrity apprentice, I think, anyway. They are really people, struggling, vying for a position bc they have to support their family.

Check it out. I can't wait each week to watch it, as long as it comes in with our bunny ears that day, ha!
I wish I could watch it all in one day on a dics set.  Love it!

Josh and I also like that "Undercover Boss."  I think it's a great concept that these bosses/management get down to their employees levels and handle their job for a day. Makes them appreciate their staff/job more. Last week, this CEO gifted all these things to his employees-Choice Hotel episode. Education, vacations, paid their rent, etc. It was amazing!  I started CRYING. I was so touched by his generousity and compassion.

Hope you all have a Great Weekend!

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  1. I am loving the apprentice this season too :) Have a great weekend!