Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!! Top Two Songs!

Hey y'all, it's that time again for Top Two at Tay's.  You can see Taylor's and many other Mommas and Ladies picks HERE!! Head on over there and tell everyone your top two favorite song picks!

I LOVE (yes, I say LOVE a lot) music, I love all genres music, and throughout my life, I know that I can say that I have had many "favorite" songs.  Music, to me, defines a generation, a time period, and age, and a lifetime. It can define a moment, an experience, a feeling, a time in your life.  I have many of these moments, and everytime I hear a song that relates to a feeling, and emotion, a memory, a time in my life, I am transported back to that feeling, that moment, that place.  Music is amazing that way.  I'm sure that I could find many favorite songs, and I'm probably forgetting about some really great ones, but these are my two favorite songs now.

1. "Dream" by Priscilla Ahn. Obv, this is the opening song that you hear when you access my blog, so this probably is not a shocker to any of you. You probably get tired of hearing it. But, I never do (okay after awhile, I will usually mute the sound if it plays too long, but...). IT drives Hubs nuts, and he'll scream, "turn that off," while I'm blogging.  I first heard it while watching this movie, which I loved.  My fav thing about this movie is Jennifer Anniston's character. I LOVE that she is a quirky, eccentric florist. I LOVE all the hats she wears, and the gloves with the finger tips exposed. I also have tons of hats and a couple pairs of those gloves.  She loves beautiful things, beautiful words, antiques, and well, hats.  Reminds me of me a little.  I LOVE that she writes unique words behind paintings, that she saves sweet greetings attached to flowers, and that she pretends to be deaf/mute when she first meets him.  Basically, I also just LOVE Jennifer Anniston.

2. "In My Arms" by Plumb
This is also on my blog playlist. I get chills everytime I hear it. I stumbled across this while I was pregnant with Nik, and looking for Nursery music.  I used to listen in lullabyes when I was pregnant before I went to sleep so that Nik would get used to a "bedtime" while in the womb.  The song always made me cry..still does. It emulates everything I feel as a Mother and a provider. And, Nik was born with blue eyes, no curls though. It is on their album of Nursery Rymes.

You can find the lyrics and video on line. Happy listening. 
I can't access the links here at work.
Have a Great Tuesday. Can't wait to see all your picks!


  1. Like you, I enjoy all types of music, but how bad is it that I haven't heard of either of these songs? Now I have something to check out on Itunes.

  2. Great picks, I will have to check out your #2. Sounds good. I'm now following.

  3. LOVE your choices... I LOVE ALL music too, its a problem! :)

  4. Hi there! I am your newest follower form the blog hop!! Lovely blog:) You can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com

  5. I love the song on your blog page...sometimes I just visit your blog to listen to it!! I have never seen that movie...maybe I better rent it, huh?!