Tuesday, February 8, 2011

21 Weeks.

I'll be 22 Weeks Thursday!  Hard to believe we are halfway there!  I don't feel like I am near where I want to be for this new little bundle of joy, but hopefully things will fall into place.  I have a new restored hope, perhaps an early spring???  It' suspposed to warm up this weekend, and I am hoping maybe I can take some pics of the pumpkin and dust off the camera.

We have our BIG sonogram Thursday, I was actually able to keep a scheduled appointment this time with all the overtime and capacity scheduled at work. I didn't have to use my free morning to go to the doctor as I usually do, and I am ecstatic!

Hubs wants to find out the sex, but I am bound and determined not to know. I don't think I can convince him to change his mind, even though I am the one carrying this little love for 9 months, ha!  I just find it so much more old fashioned and nostalgic to not find out, and It gives you that big surprise moment at the end, something to look forward to along the way, ehich your 9 months and ready to pop. I feel like not knowing gets you through those last days where you can't wait to meet your new little life and welcome hm/her into the world.

I am about the most organized person you'll meet, or used to be before working full-time and having a child. So, you would think it would be a nightmare to me no tto know, but for some reason I LOVE not knowing.  Hubs just wants to know if it's a BOY. And, I keep telling him he and I both are going to have nothing to look forward to when he finds out it's a GIRl, as I think it is(him already knowing it's not a BOY, and me not wanting to know). The Chinese Lunar Calendar says it is most asssuredly a GIRL, and I have always found the Calendar to be accurate, as others swear by it's accuracy as well. 

I had hoped for a BOY, but now, I am open to having another GIRL, especially for NIkolina. I never had a sister, my best friend, Mitzi was my adopted sister for most of my youth life,  and I had a couple very close friends as a teenager that were like sisters to me, one into my mid twenties.  Plus already having the clothes that should nearly fit (Nik born late March, and this little one June 16), would be a huge financial plus.

Hopefully, I can convince the hubs to wait with me. He's a HORRIBLE secret keeper, so there's no way he could keep it from me if he found out and I didn't, and I really want it to be a SURPRISE~!  And the nursery decor that I am hoping for (Chic-Nautical Theme with Navy's and Reds and Khakis) will be neutral anyway, if I can convince hubs to help me decorate~!  HE swore he would not do another baby room after Nik.  And, he did such a fabulous job striping and drywalling and molding her her room, tsk tsk, shame to let that talent go un-fettered.

We'll see....

Pumpkim woke up at 4:30 AM with a fever (she started a cold Saturday night) and went back to bed at 6 AM. She is still sleeping now, poor pumpkin:( I am headed to work when she wakes up, and my Papa is going to watch her for the rest of the day.


  1. yay for 21 weeks! I don't know how people don't find out. I'm way too curious!!! And such a planner. Within a week of us knowing, I picked out her bedding and she's got a good 15 outfits hanging in the closet. It's so fun! :)

  2. I'm 21 weeks today, so our little ones will be arriving around the same time! :) We decided that we did want to find out the gender of this baby, although I agree that it would be such a amazing experience to wait and be told when the baby makes his/her debut! Best of luck to you as you make your way through the second half of pregnancy! I know that I just can't believe I'm at this point already! Having another child to care for this time around has kept this pregnancy flying by!