Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas in Chicago.

As, I mentioned yesterday. My mother came with me to Chicago when I attended the Blogger Event at Navy Pier. We rode the train up, stopping to grab Starbucks for the ride.  I LOVE taking the Train. There is something about it that is so old world style, so nostalgic. People have been riding the train for generations, it having been a main source of transportation for many years for lots of people. There is something about trains that connects us to years and years ago, that I just don't feel with planes. Although I love any form of transportation becuase it's an Adventure from the norm. A sign of going somewhere, visiting a new place, a place unchartered.  I LOVE train stations, especially Union Station, there is so much history there.  And, I have a lot of memories of taking the train with my mother at Christmas to see the windows at Marshall Fields.  We shared a cab, dropping her off on Michigan Ave, and then myself at Navy Pier. After the event, we met up at Water Tower, then headed to the Bllomingdales building.

I LOVE Christmas in Chicago. There is nothing I love more. The hustle and bustle of shoppers, the windows aglow with gifts and Christmas decorations. Shoppers rushing with their bags full of presents for friends and family.  The chill winter air. I love it all.  Since my mother had not eaten, yes, I had to eat twice, horrible I know. We decided to eat at Bistro 110. I have never been, and it was fabulous. The Croque Monsieur is TO DIE FOR, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it, if you ever go there. Funny enough, my mother ordered Pomme Frites, wanting American fries, and she was a little taken aback, when they actually brought the French style French Fries, known as Pomme Frites. The waitress was kind enough to take them back for the American version. Probably back in the kitchen snickering at us, ha!

I know this is my kind of place becuase they had hats hanging every where in the restaurant. How fabulous!

We had a great lunch and conversation, as I told her about the Event, among other things.  And, afterwards, we walked outside, and what was right next door....

They were bustling with comers and goers. We were going to grab some ice cream, and stepped inside. It was very busy. When we walked through the dorr, they presented us with a piece of Peppermint Bark, and after swallowing that, we decided that was good enough, and headed back outside. Outside the store, they had a Hot Chocolate stand set-up, so shoppers could simply grab a cup and move along, how adorable is that.  There was a horse and buggy walking through the area, with families, bundled up with blankets and grasping Hot Chocolate. One little girl was giggling hysterically as she passed. Ahh...I LOVE Christmas in Chicago.   So sweet.  And across the street on teh other side...
Can't beat being surrounded by chocolate at Christmas.
Also, there was also the Annual The Christmas Parade that evening, and my mother and I snuggled amongst city folk and tourists in teh freezing bitter winds of the Chicago Streets hoping to get a peak at Santa. Unfortunately, we had to head back for the last Train before we caught a glimse of the Magical Fellow.  And, the story about trying to get a Cab when EVERY Street is blocked off for the Parade, and bumper to bumper traffic is a story for another day. But we made it to teh train station in time, and enjoyed a lovely train ride home, seeing a lot of the same people we saw on the way up, having enjoyed a wonderful taste of Christmas in Chicago.

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  1. That looks so fun! I want to visit Chicago now!

  2. What awesome pictures! How fun! We were actually supposed to go to Chicago back in March but something big came up and we had to postpone it! Sad!

  3. I love Chicago too!! Esp. at Christmas time. Usually I go every year in Dec. b/c we have a big conference for work...but I am not going this year..obv. too close to the due date!
    Glad that you and your mom had a fun day :)

  4. Chi town is on my list of places to visit. How far do you guys live from Chicago?