Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Wordless Wednesday.

Okay, so I'm not quite sure where Wordless Wednesday originated.  I have seen it on MckMama and Baby Davis Michael (stopped by there earlier).  But, I have always enjoyed the idea of participating each Wednesday, and adding a photo from that week. 

Today, my sis-in-law (Little Bites) came over to take Nik's 9 month photos (she's almost ten months-Friday-which is also Diesel's 5th Birthday and my other sister-in-law's 22nd Birthday!!)  Rachael took some great shots, and later on that afternoon, I got that itch as I so often do, so I just had to snap some too.  I loved this one, and I have some more to post tomorrow and later on this week.  But, I LOVE the idea of posting a photo every Wednesday, so I am going to try and do it as often as I can.  I have stayed at home with the pumpkin a few Wednesdays, as I still have some Family Leave Bonding (un-paid) to use until she's one. 

As I mentioned a while back, my hubby offered to let me use it once a week to stay home with the pumpkin.  I notice it in my paycheck, but it's worht it to me even if it means we have to skim somewhere else.  So, I frequently am home on Wednesdays, but have not really gotten to participating regularly every Wednesday with a photo as I wanted (even though I'm usually taking photos that day.)  I don't know what will happen once I am no longer home one day a week with the pumpkin (I'm trying no tto think about it), but for the next couple months, I'm going to try and post a photo regularly every Wednesday.

I love photography, as it so often takes your breath away.  And, I think that Wordless Wednesday is a great way to cater to the magic awe of photography.  There are so few moments that take your breath away...I think there should be more.  Which is why I LOVE photography.  It so often takes my breath away.  Especially my sister-in-law's (Little Bites) photography.  And, because I have posted this photo, I now have to post just one more...

(This is the same face she gave me when I dropped her off at daycare Tuesday+streaming tears...breaks your heart doesn't it??!!)


  1. I love that hat! Oh that face breaks my heart---Raleigh has one just like that!

  2. Poor little thing :( I hate it when the babe just kills me!!


  3. Great pics!!
    How nice thatyou have been able to stay home on Wednesdays! I bet that breaks the week up nicely :) I'm jealous!!

  4. Super cute pics!

    It's nice that hubby gave you the okay to stay at home on Wednesdays! I'm jealous, too!

    Enjoy every minute!