Friday, January 15, 2010

Warming Trends.

At work the other day, a co-worker and I were discussing the weather.  We were talking about how much warmer it has been this week.  And no precipitation (ice, snow)!  This is a welcoming change from the recent weather that we have seen, it seems, all over.  We were talking about how nice it was, and, he mentioned to me how nice it was that the days were a little longer now.  And, I said, what?  The days are getting longer again already?, but winter has only just started.  And he stated that December 21st (winter soltice) marked the official change, the days getting longer.  And, I hadn't noticed it, but then, when I did leave for work that day at 4:45, walking to my car, I looked around, and noticed that IT WAS LIGHTER out.  Looking around, and with the warm winter air surrounding me, I began to think about and it felt a little like SPRING (and St. Patrick's Day!!) was just around the corner, and I felt a little skip in my heart. 

Now, I don't mind winter.  Leading up to Christmas, I LOVE winter.  White Christmas, absolutely!  I love a chilly Christmas EVE, especially with snowflakes.  And, once Nikolina gets older, and we have more little Garretts, I know that I WILL LOVE going sledding, building snowmen, and snow angels in the snow.  So, all over the states, we have seen this horrible winter that has everyone snickering about "global warming."  Now, we could talk all day about the controversy surrounding global warming, especially since I listen to republican talk radio every time I'm in the car, bc it is the only thing that will put Nik to sleep!  But, when I walked outside that day after work, the first phrase that came to mind was "Warming Trends."  And, since I didn't have a photograph to post, I searched Google for images, and I found a plethora of different pictures labeled under warming trends...

But, what I thought about, was that Spring is right around the corner-St Patrick's Day ( I LOVE-Irish girl and all that) Easter (Easter Bunny, pretty dresses, eggs, baskets ) and the New Life that Spring brings (Babies and Animals).  And, I though about clovers, and green, and bunnies, and eggs, and little baby birds chirping...and I felt good inside.  If you're anything like me, once Christmas is over, snow, ice, slush and all that usually could fall by the wayside, and it wouldn't make much difference to me.  I LOVE snow if I'm cozy at home, snuggled on the couch, with warm jammies, a blanket, and maybe a warm drink.  I love watching snow fall.  I love seeing it piled up when I first wake up in the morning.  But, trying to rush out the door before 8 am, with Nik, and my breast pump and her diaper bags, my purse, my lunch and coats and hats and mittens, and chapped freezing faces, and scraping ice and snow off the car (I haven't had a garage since I could drive!), and trying to make it in time to work, without crashing my car into a snowbank, and then doing it all over again after I get off work, I could do without.  I must say this year, so far, it has not bothered me so much.  But, I am excited that the SUN is staying out a little longer, and that I can put Nik in the car without worrying that she's going to freeze into an ICICLE (ha!)-was nice, and I am looking forward to each new day (and SPRING) a little more. 

I know the Groundhog usually tells us that there's more winter in store, but I still get excited for that day, wondering if he will predict more winter.  And, I'm excited for Nik to walk and run through the grass, and pick up Easter eggs, and wade in a baby pool.  And, I'm also excited for next Fall, and yes, Christmas again next year! 

In other news, Nik's cold and cough is hanging in there, but I don't think that it has spread to her lungs yet (Yeah!).  But, my husband was sick yesterday, and I have a sore throat and  a headache, so I am fearing that I am next.  Of course, I was making out (yes, I said, making out) with my husband the night before he informed me that he was "deathly ill" and needed to go to the hospital (my husband tends to exaggerate a little when he's sick).  And, he did then confess to me tha the "felt sorry for me" bc he made out with me and probably got me sick.  Nik seems to be coughing less than the first day, which is good, but she's keeping pretty steady, and I am just hoping that she starts down the healthy path sometime soon.  She's as happy as can be, and even jumped out of her stroller earlier today in the Baby Gap, but thankfully, she survived!  The stories we will have for her when she's older...speaking of Baby Gap...did you know that thir winter sale items are 50% OFF THE SALE PRICE!!!  I got Nik some shirts for 2.50.  I tried not to go in there, but OH MY GOSH!!  you can't pass that up. BABY GAP is my NEW FAVORITE BABY CLOTHING STORE!!

There is nothing better than getting really cute, bright, trendy, quality clothing for a STEAL!!  It just makes a girl feel good inside!!  And after all the money that you give to the Economy, it's nice to feel like you're getting a little back every now and then!  Since, we don't usually splurge on Nik (budget and all that), it was nice to be able to feel like I was splurging, but actually, really savy shopping!!!

Our dog ran away this morning and Nik and I drove around for over an hour looking for him!  I let him out to go potty, and somehow the back gate was opened (we never open it) not sure how that happened.  But, after a bit, I went to check on him (for the second time) and he was gone!!  My hubby and I are just so frustrated with our little pup!  He certainly has a zest for life.  I just keep thinking about "Marley and Me."  I loved that book, and I watch the movie whenever the mood strikes me which is usually once a month-I never tire ot it!!  I just adore it!  (That's him in the side bar).  He's such a great dog, but he's sick right now, so we are dealing with that, and everytime the opportunity presents itself, he busts out, and doesn't look back!!  We just don't know waht to do with him.  So we had to hock him out of the pound today after someone called him in.  You would think that I could find a black lab in the white snow, with a huge cone on his head wearing boxers, but the city found him first, or I should say some neighbors, and then after a hit to the pocketbook later, he's ours again, in all his Diesel Glory!
But, my husband is trying to talk to me about compound interest now, at 11:00 at night, so gotta run!  Enjoy your weekend!! 


  1. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Hope your cell phones stop acting up. Dang phones! LOL.

  2. It's getting warmer here, as well, which is SUCH a good thing! In fact, we're in for a rainstorm tomorrow, which should wash away a lot of the frozen gook that's still on the ground. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did. Happy Sharefest!

    Sunny Day

  3. I love your blog! Your header is priceless:-)

  4. Longer days...UGGGGH!!!
    Bring on spring soon...i want a cute NEW wardrobe already :)-