Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Best Hubby Ever!!!

My husband and I agreed not to exchange Christmas Gifts this year, in lieu of getting Nik some toys, trying to cut back, and since Christmas does not really fall within our budgeted budget :)-save money.  I don't think that I could never, not get my husband something for Christmas, whether it be something small, or even something handmade, or some gesture from the heart (I just don't have it in me to not gift him something, I love Christmas too much!).  This task was very difficult for me as I LOVE to give presents at Christmas, so, I used some coupons to get him a small gift that he had been wanting, and got the item for a steal!  Stockings are my absolute favorite thing at Christmas, and always hold the best gifts to me-
 I remember as a child, the excitement of reaching your hand down in there, and never knowing what you were going to pull out.  It seems like, you were continuously pulling little things out!  But this year, I was able to restrain myself, and just got a few things for him.

I think I have always been a step behind.  I got a car when I was 16, my parents gave me their old car to drive.  As a 16 (18) year old, you always dreamed of the brand new car with the big red bow.  That's not exactly how my story goes, but I was just happy to have a car--freedom (if you can be free at 16).  I drove that car for 11 years.  I called her Betty Lou, if that name gives anything away, but I never had to pay car payments, insurance, or fill my car with oil (thanks daddy)  At 18, when I started college, I used a Smith and Corona typewriter, a dictionary, and textbooks for my college papers.  I received a stereo (18) and tv (21) later than most kids my age and I received a cell phone and my first digital camera later than most when they were coming out.  And, up unitl 2 days ago, I never had the current "it" phone, or internet access via phone.  I still don't have a Ipod, an MP3 player, a laptop, or a Wii, but I have always been of the mind that if whatever it is gets me from point A to point B, that's enough for me!  I also take great belief in the adage, "good things come to those who wait."  But, my husband, who always "keeps me up with the Joneses" took me to Verizon on Sunday, after speaking with a friend who advised us that these new phones were on sale.

 And bought me one, he even threw in a pink case for me!!!

And, how incredible are these phones!!  My husband asked me if I liked my phone, and I thought he must be crazy!!  I LOVE IT!!  With this thing, I will never ever be bored in a doctor's waiting room, standing in line, or anywhere ever again!  I just keep hearing those words in my head, "there's an app for that."  And there really is!  I feel spoiled to have such an incredible piece of electronic equiptment in my hands.  But, then I felt the same way about my engagement ring!  My parents were just complaining the other day, when my other phone went caput, that they couldn't hear me, I doubt that they'll have that problem ever again.  These things sound like your in the next room!!  And the camera phone-incredible!  Really, if you have the opportunity to get your hands on one of these, or already have one, they are truly amazing!!

On other note, our Daddy has been working especially hard this past year to provide for us, and we are very lucky for that.  Each day, I think about how I don't want to wake up, head out into the cold, go to work and leave my little pumpkin, but I know it's just as hard for her Daddy, and his work requires that much more attention and energy out of him than mine does. I know that he is working hard in the hopes that one day I will be able to stay at home with Nikolina and build the rest of our family, and for that I love him even more.  I constantly feel like I am juggling all these balls in the air, and when I feel like they're all going to come tumbling down on me, he is always there to try and calm me down or tell me I'm being ridiculous, one of the two.  We love him and every day we are so lucky he is our Daddy!

Love you Daddy!!

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  1. Congrats on the new phone...I am still living in pay per minute, emergency only, cell phone land, but one day I will make an upgrade :)

    It is so sweet to see a husband caring for his wife like your does. What a blessing!