Sunday, January 3, 2010


It's a New Year, and though I didn't ring the New Year in with a Bang (little one and all that), my husband and I did have a very nice dinner at one of my New favorite restaurants. We made an early reservation, and it was very quiet, intimate, and just want a New Mommy could ask for, to welcome the New Year with her family! The atmosphere was bright, sparkly, and refreshing, and though it was quiet, it was busy enough to feel like a (shared) celebration. The weather fit appropriately for the Season, and the nip was just enough to remind you what time of year it was, and to soothe you straight down to your core. We made it an early night, and when I brought the champagne to my husband at 8:00 pm, he stated that it was "too early" and we had to wait until Midnight to officially ring in the New Year, but by 9 pm, he was fast asleep on the couch, and I followed at 10:15. I'd say we're not quite the crazy kids we used to be, especially since we beat both sets of Grandparents to bed. But we were up at 6:00, which I bet most people can't say. We had a nice breakfast, and did some grocery shopping, I did some cleaning and some laundry, and we spent sometime with Family. An ordinary day, but a refreshing, New day for a New Year. If I could spend every day of the New Year with my family doing little ordinary things like that all day, I'd be the happiest person alive and every day would feel like a New day. We have a lot to be thankful for this New Year, and as the years keep going by, I am painfully (and ecstatically) aware of them as they go...Each day I want to relish my time with my family, and each day I do, I wish I'd lived that much more. I'm so excited for each new step, each new path, each new day that awaits us, and yet, a part of me wants to slow time, so I can soak it in a little while more. But, a New Year awaits, and with a New Year, a New Song (for our blog), from one of my favorite New Movies, "Love Happens." Enjoy! And, Happy New Year!


  1. Just wanted to stop over and say hi - from your newest follower!!!


  2. Crazy what a little one does to us, huh?!? OH WELL...SO worth it :)

    Happy New year!

  3. Having just the four of us always makes me so happy and so thankful...being far from family is hard but I couldn't be more happy that I get to spend each and every moment with our two girls and the love of my life. It's precious. We're very lucky & truly blessed!

    Happy New Year