Monday, December 7, 2009

Snow White.

I woke up this morning, and hurrying out the door to get to work by 7AM this morning, I threw open the door, and what before my wondering eyes should appear but a glistening winter wonderland blanketed in snow!! With Nik on my arm, tottering out the door, in hat and coat and boots and bags, I didn't have time to stop and admire and show her the snow but for just a moment to savor...I hope to show her proper after work today. But, in that moment, when you see snow for the first time in winter, and you feel that softness, that temporary cool warmth that snow brings that calms the harsh winter winds, with Nik in tow, it was wonderful! And, I am so excited for this season! I found this photo on Google/Flkr, here:

I am really eager to make some more Christmas cookies and goodies, and am thinking of making this White Chocolate Mousse Cake (found the recipe while looking through a Christmas catalog) that I am really excited for.

I had hoped to take Nik to Chicago to show her the Windows and the Tree at Macy's (they are continuing the Marshall Fields tradition) and a quick visit with Nik's Aunt Becca that lives down town, with my husband as he is heading to Chicago for Business and a BBall game Tuesday, but with the snow storm approaching, not sure that that dream will become a reality. I just love Chicago in the Winter/Christmas Season; all blustery and cold. The lights and garland strung from the lamp posts down Michigan Ave. The hustle and the bustle of shoppers and business goers. The warmth and invitedness of the shop windows and stores, alight with Christmas cheer and symbols of the Season. And, the stores smell of Hot Cocoa, gingerbread, Pine and Holly, and Christmas Carols echo admiss the shopers and the merchandise. Even now, the smell of perfume takes me back to memories of shopping with my mom (we did more window shopping than actual shopping shopping ) during the holidays in Chicago. I am hoping to at least be able to go Tuesday during the day, before the Season turns too harsh, I'd like to get a picture of Nik with Santa, but we'll see!
Did anyone wake up to somehing similiar?

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