Wednesday, December 2, 2009


We are mobile. It's official-We have a crawler on our hands! It's been close, but we are officially crawling. I think it was the 8 month mark that did it (or perhaps that Mom and Dad finally figured out the need to throw this child down on some carpet every once in a while that did it), but either way--watch out! Time to baby proof the house. We were getting in position, lifting up on our hands/arms, getting on our tippy toes, shooting off our tippy toes, scooting backwards where we wanted to go, turning in circles, getting on our knees, then we were getting on our tippity toes and shooting off forward, and last night, we finally made the progress to definite crawling. On knees, hands/arms/legs/feet moving back and forth, and moving all around! We are so excited for this little pumpkin, and can't wait for what lies ahead! We are especially thankful that we put up an artificial tree instead of a real tree this year. Break out the safety locks and outlet covers, WE'RE MOBILE!!


  1. Yay! Such a fun milestone....but definitley time to start baby-proofing :)

    I just posted about that today...we are a bit behind and it is BAD news!! Oh well...

  2. Congrats on the crawling!!
    This will be short.. b/c for some reason I just wrote this great comment and for some reason unknown to me... blog or computer problems it went bye bye!! God.. don't you love when that happens? Because let's face it those great words never come back the same way. ha ha
    Anyway.. she will be walking and talking no-stop before you know it.
    Enjoy it
    Take tons of pictures and videos you can never have too many