Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tick Tock...

Tomorrow's the BIG (SONOGRAM) DAY!  Hubs and I battled today on finding out the sex. I think he caved and will wait to find out, but now I feel bad, he wants to know so bad, he's pouting/brooding about it, saying there's no point for him to go to the sonogram. I am going to take Nik since this will be the last sonogram we have till the baby is born.  The last sonograms, they didn't use the wand on my tummy, and I think it freaked her out a little. Since they will put the wand on my tummy this time, I am thinking she won't be as freaked out this time. I think she thinks they are hurting Mommy. 

Tonight though, when I said the baby was kicking, she put her hand on my tummy several times, and rubbed it. When you ask her where "Mommy's Baby" is, she points to her tummy and says "here, here," or points to my tummy.  But, she is more into babies she can touch/see.  Everytime I mention a baby, she always asks for "bella" who is my niece that lives in Orland Park, IL.  It kills me that we can't just hop in the car and go over to their house to see them. I miss them so much across the distance. It does make our time together when we visit that much more special though. And I must say, I do love that they live in the Chicago suburbs, just kind of wished we lived there with them, ha. Though, I do love our hometown.

Hubs is so sad, but I tried to explain it to him this way, "If Christmas where tomorrow, you'd be really excited for the day, but how would you feel when December 25 came?"  Or, I said, "I could tell you the gift I was going to give you, but wouldn't you rather I wrap it up, and you not know?"  I mean, to me, one of the best parts of Christmas is the anticipation and build up, same with your wedding, and with the birth of your child. I fyou haev the means to wait, why not?

I just love that not finding out is the same way our parents and our grandparents had their births.  And, not knowing will prevent me from going out and buying a bunch of stuff we can't afford, ha!  This way, I know I will not go out and buy yellow/green stuff, so I think we save money/temptation.  And the room I want is gender neutral, so it works.

Just feel bad for hubs, almost want to find out for him, but I really think not knowing is the best way. I just know I'd regret it if we found out, and you can't take that back.  And he can't keep a secret to save his life!As fast as this pregnancy is going, the baby will be here in no time.  I will probably be packing my overnight bag in a couple of months. I swear the last time, I packed that think for a month over and over, ha!  And didn't even use most of the stuff I packed for the baby.

Baby Garrett is kicking up a storm the past few weeks, and sometimes, very abrupt, sharp kicks that hurt!  Sometimes almost jarr me they happen so suddenly and fast. Think we might have a future Soccer player or Field Goal kicker on our hands, Ouch!  I love every minute of it!  Being pregnant is like being in on a secret that no one else knows about.  It's amazing!


  1. Hope the appt went well. Thinking about you guys :)

  2. So, so exciting! Hope your appointment went well today!