Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Hearts Day!

Happy Friday y'all!

I hope you all have a Great V-Day weekend, and V-Day!  Hope you get to spend time with your lovies and your hubbies!  I am making the hubs and Nik Red Velvet Pancakes this weekend a  Spaghetti dinner (original I know, trying to budget, ha) and  I have some Sugar Cookie dough frozen from Christmas and I hope to make Iced Heart Sugar Cookies this wekend, but they are so time consuming, I am exicted but know that I will be exhausted by the end of the process.

Hoping to make some Valentines with Nik tomorrow or Sunday for our family. I wanted to get them completed today and mailed, before/on V-day, but with Nik sick and a hard time getting her to nap again after she breiefly fell asleep and woke up, they didn't happen today. Poor pumpkin, I know she was tired, but she just would not go down for her nap thsi afternoon. She lay in there talking to herself for an hour I swear before she fell asleep, saying things like "Mommy, I did It,"  "Mommy slow down,"  "Hi Puppy," "No, Ella," and other random things.  It was kind of funny, but my heart was breaking, bc I know she needs the sleep to  get better.
Once she fell aleep, I did get manage to get all our dishes done, that were still stacked up/soaking from the Superbowl and every meal last week (I know).  Cleaned the kitchen, picked up the house and vaccummed. I still have some laundry to do, and have to make another trip to the grocery store, since we go to the store late and Nik got really sleepy while shopping today and I wanted to get her home, so we didn't complete our shopping trip.  Pancakes will have to wait till Sunday unless I get up really early tommorow which I don't think is going to happen.

I had hoped to take some pics of Nik this weekend in V-day day attire, but with her sick, I just don't have the heart to do it, and have to work all week next week, so will have to put that off maybe till she is better.  She woke up with a fever and cold early Tuesday morning at 3:30/4:30 AM? and has had a fever off and on and horrible congestion, trying to get into her chest ever since. I had hoped she would be on the up end of it now, but she just can't seem to break it.  Maybe she keeps re-infecting herself or Maybe she's not getting enough nutrients since she's not that interested in food. She does want milk all day, but I have heard that milk makes congestion worse, so I am almost thinking I should start giving her some low sugar applejuice in place of some of the milk. I have been watering some of it down so she's not getting to much, but afraid she's not getting enough, ha!

I am going to make a Valentine box for Nik to put her Valentines in, and one for me. I am in charge of the Valentines Day party for my colleagues at work (well it was my idea), and I am in charge of all the "moral boosters" at my work is what they call them, parties/celebrations is what I call them.  I told my team that they have to bring sweets and also Valentines for everyone. They all laughed and said, I was back in grade school, but by the end of this week, everyone was talking about it and making Valentine boxes to put ther Valentines in. Who doesn't love giving anf receiving Valentines?  And, making little Valentine treat baggies for all Nik's "classmates" at her "preschool"/daycare, and my nieces and nephew.  So excited!!

I just love V-day, and I have to work till 7 PM Valentines day, can you beleive that?  Ugh!  I got the worse schedule ever this month, bc I turned my schedule the morning after it was due, and they wouldn't accept it.  So, I just decided to embrace it, no one would have taken it anyway if I tried to give it up, ha!  Hubs doesn't get home till after me usually, so it will probably be a pizza or maybe a take-out night, which is fine by me.

Hope you all have a good one!  Happy Hearts Day! XOXO

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