Monday, November 8, 2010

A Look at Halloween.

So, we're a little behind on pics lately, but I wanted to share.  I actually begged the daycare provider the Monday before Halloween to please, please, please use hand sanitizer and wash hands and try and limit hands in mouth all week before Halloween. We had a visit to Chicago to visit my brother, sister-in-law,& nieces on Thursday, a family memorial service in Iowa on Saturday, and Halloween on Sunday, and I really didn't want her to get sick. And, wouldn't you know it, she woke from a nap Sunday afternoon warm. The fever dissapated, and the hubs dismissed me saying she was fine, and I was over exaggerating.  Then, as we were going to leave the house to go visit family on Halloween, getting a late start already, the hubs says to me, have you felt her forehead, she has a fever. Ugh, are you kidding me???  Can we get any kind of a break, the child is sick every three days. EVERY THREE DAYS, literally.  What are they doing over there, licking each other. Come on, it's her first real Halloween.  We took her temp and sure enough she had a fever of 101.7.  Josh's sister and family were heading to his mom's house, and we didn't want to get any of them sick, so we were hoping to hit the in-laws house after they had left.  We were already dressed and Nik was in good spitits so we headed to my parents house to wish them a Happy Halloween.

Nik learned to say Halloween literally in 2 seconds, and she had it all night long. In that little baby girl voice of hers, with a little sing songy high lift at "ween."  I don't know why we didn't teach her Trick or Treat sooner, but she picked that up right away too, but sounded more like, "trick treat."  Of course, she "woofed."  BUT, she refused to wear her dog hat, which was the cutest part, with the big floppy ears. I even had the sewing lady fix it bc it hung down in her eyes to much, but she still refused to wear it.  Oh well, wait till I tell her all these stories.

And, with us running late, the sun setting earlier, and Nik coming down with a fever, I just didn't have the heart to torture her to take a lot of photos. I just wasn't on with my camera, and completely neglected to adjust my settings correctly, and forgot to shoot in raw and jpeg so I could edit at a later date. Oh well.
Daddy is usually "Jason," but Nik had run off with his mask, and we couldn't find it running out the door. I guess he looks more like a lumberjack here, ha!
I was just a cat again this year, cause it's cheaper, and easier. I had though about being a dogcatcher, but I never looked into the costume.   I think next year I will be a witch, my mom found me this great hat.
Nik and I with my brother.
Some mice showed up to the party too...Just kidding. I saw these through the door of my parents house and thought it was a cute pic.
This is Glenda. Nik loves her. She sits at the bottom of the steps at my parents house, and Nikolina gives her hugs and kisses and carries her around the house. Of course, she had to join us outside for pictures.
Look at that face. I had to apply her make-up, literally no less than 8 times, bc she kept rubbing it off, accidently.  She held that fever till Wed morning, when she finally broke it, just a little warm.  By wed afternoon, it was gone.  Just breaks my heart.

Hope you all had a Happy Hallo"WEEN."


  1. Nik was adorable and how cute are you?! What a good momma you are for dressing up!

  2. Nik's costume was adorable. She looked so cute, as did you. :) Sorry to hear she was sick, but at least she was in good spirits.

  3. You guys are such a cute family! LOVE these pictures!