Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!! Top Two Dream Kitchens!!

It's that time again.  Time for Top Two at Tay's. Head over to Tay's to see her Top Two pics and many other Mamas and Ladies HERE!!

I LOVE beautiful kitchens. MY ABSOLUTE FAV cabinent design is "Antique White" cabinents. That is my dream kitchen with a light colored Marble. Maybe with some stone. Def with the fancy wood designs/sconces etched into the wood.  My dream kitchen has to be open.  I LOVE big open kitchens were lots of people can gather.  perfect for parties, and big family celebrations.  I want a kitchen that people WANT to be in.  I see Dream kitchens all the time in magazines, but I had a little difficulty finding some on line. I found one link, but you will have to scroll and click on the numbered picture to view them.

1.  #1 Fav-"Antique White" Cabinent, Feminine Inspired Kitchen
Page 2, #57


2. My seond fav would be a "French Country" inspired kitchen. I keep telling the hubs I want to move out to the country and live on a ranch with some acerage. That is my dream for us as a family. To live off the land, to have a pond with ducks, a goat, some chickens. Took Nik to a pumpkim patch this weekend, and she went nuts chasng the chickens around. She was born to live on a Farm. She threw a fit when they started to close and I told her we had to leave.  Our black lab def needs the room to run.

I couldn't find a kitchen to exactly replicate my French inspired Country kitchen design, but something similiar to the one pictured on Page 3, #78.


Here are a couple other photos of French Inspired Country Kitchens. They are not exactly what I was looking for, a little darker, but the inspiration is similar.  If we do move out to the country and had a French Country kitchen, I would be okay if it were a little smaller than my big open design for the Feminine Antique White design.

Here are some other pics I found that I like.

I like the "masculine" aspect/feel of this kitchen (kitchen table/dark wood/TV-ha!) offset by the sconced hood above the stove and the feminine chandelier.

I LOVE the wodden cubbies in the back, the antique kitchen table/chairs, the island and the wood floors. 
The ceiling has etchings too.

Love this sink.

I love Breakfast Nooks with couches.

I like the yellow country cabinents offset by the dark counters.

Love this Top Two. Ahhhh, these kitchen are heavenly. I think I would just sit in my kitchen and look around all day, like I was in dream land.

Can't wait to see everyone's picks!


  1. You have great taste!! Love all of the pictures :)

  2. Oh my gosh I die. I LOVE those. If only I was brave enough. GORGEOUS!!

  3. I personally like the one with the wooden cubies, but they all are nice!