Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Top Two Tuesday!! Top Two Things I LOVE About FALL!!

It's that time again for Top Two Tuesday, hosted by Tay at The Undomestic Momma!!

Today's Top is Top Two Things You Love About Fall!!  I LOVE this topic, bc well, I LOVE Fall!!  The hubs and I got married in October because we both Love Fall so much!!
There are so many things I LOVE about Fall, and it will be hard to narrow it down, so I will try and name my top Two and maybe I'll cheat a little too, hee, hee!
1. The Weather (and Changing Leaves)

What would Fall be without the changing weather and the beautiful shades and colors of the leaves.  That in essence is Fall to me. Fall encompassses so much, but what defines it for me will number one be the cool weather and the changing of the leaves.


Where would Fall be without Football.  Yes, I'm a Chicago Bears Fan. I grew up a Dallas Cowboys Fan bc both my brothers were DC fans, but I am now a hopelessly loyal Chicago Fan.  The Cowboys are my second fav team. But, through and through, I have to remain loyal to Chicago and my Bears.

Other things that I LOVE about Fall.

Fall to me will always be reminscent with going back to school. It always holds that energy and excitement for me of new things, new possibilities, new challenges, new people, new experiences.

I LOVE Halloween.  I'm like a kid at Halloween.

Pumpkin Patches.
I can't wait for Pumpkin Patches.

Halloween/Fall Decorations.

and I'm with Tay on Fall Clothes too.
I love Jeans, Boots, Big bags, Sweaters, Coats, Scarves, Hats, and Mittens. 
Love it all!

Yeah Fall!! 
Beautiful Day out today...Ugh, want to be outside so bad!

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  1. Love your picks! what is Nik going to be for Halloween this year? I think R is going to be a little pig! Love all your pics!

  2. Thats a great doormat. I will be searching for something like that.

  3. Love your top picks! Wanted to stop by and say hi, I'm your newest follower.

    Feel free to come over and join us as we prepare to welcome our first bundle of joy into the world, a little girl.


  4. Love your photos and your choices!! What is your daughter going to be for Halloween??

  5. such cute pictures! I love fall too and YAY for chicago bears football!!! :)

  6. I love it all too!! All of these fall posts are making me SO ready for fall...Nic was the cutest little pea pod EVER!! what a cute costume!!

  7. ok you are gorgeous as a cat! i totally love going to the pumpkin patches. hubs hates it and i drag him. we never have terrific ones around us though. bites!!!