Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mama Wants a Brand New Bag!!

Oooooooooo.  Giveawaay, giveaway, giveaway!!!   Eeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!  Have you seen this giveaway from Hazel and Harlow????  Check it out on Tay's blog HERE!!!

I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for this giveaway!  I have a great handbag that my Mother-in-law gifted me for Christmas in 2007, but that is the only nice handbag I have!  I have used it straight for three years, and it has held up grandiously, but I have been wanting a new fabulous, lushus, to die for handbag for a while now. Sadly, if I get an extra money, it goes to the Pumpkin.  I LOVE to buy for her, but obvs, the money I used to have for such luxuries for myself, is now extended to her. 

I WOULD LOVE THIS HANDBAG!!  It is too GORGEOUS and SO PREFECT for FALL!!  Please, please, please!!! Sigh!!!  Ahhhhhhhh!!!!  LOVE IT!!  I can just smell the Suede and imagine myself running my hand over it, as I wait in line at some Fabulous, Posh store. While all the girls, waiting in line with me Ooooooo and Ahhhhhhh over it, asking me "Where ever did I find such a fabulous Pasion Bags of Argentina, 'Espuma Bag featured in Sand'!"  "The color", "The feel of the fabric," "So Perfect for Fall," I can hear them now.

Ahh, wake-up, back to reality. But seriously, have you gone over there yet, and checked out their fab designers????  What are you still doing here, listening to me rattle on and on about my imaginary bag!  GET OVER THERE NOW!!!

BTW, check these out too, whil you're over there!!  Ahhhhhh!  I would die for a pair of these. I have so been coveting a pair like these fab bracelets. I LOVE them ALL!!  Can't you just see them dangling on my arm as I hold my Hazel and Harlow presents 'Espuma Bag in Sand.'



  1. You are so funny! You get SO excited for these giveaways! You make me laugh! I make a bracelet just like the one you have pictured in my etsy shop! You should check it out :) xoxo Hope you are having a good week!

  2. haha...you're so cute!! I hope that you win :)

  3. We just had a Hazel & Harlow giveaway too! LOVE them! We have a 30% discount code for them over at our blog. I think I'm going to need to score something myself!

  4. http://www.facebook.com/hazelandharlowjewelry?ref=ts Come see your blog highlighted on Hazel & Harlow's Facebook page Miss! So you say you love the Pasion bag do you...?