Thursday, September 16, 2010

Indian Summer.

(My Fav)

(Picking Flowers)
(Second Fav-My Sunflare...Eeek, Love It!)
(Pouting, but love the clouds in this)

Last Saturday, Nik and I headed out to take some photos.  We left a little early, and I'm afraid we were hanging around for a bit with some harsh light, and Nik got pretty fussy right before my perfect light hit, but I did manage to bribe her to humor me for a few shots with some juice.  It was a lot of fun, and we got some  cute shots.  Tried to get her to wear her Hello Kitty Rain Boots for the shots, but she was having none of that.  And yes, that's a McDonalds Toy that she's holding. I bought it for her when I purchased a diet coke there one day, and I pulled it out of the car in an attept to bribe her as I neglected to bring anything else along with us.  Hubs cleaned the garage, and when we came home we went out for Barbacue at an awesome eatery we have here in town.  Where Nik had some Lemonade in a Big Girl cup, sat in a Big Girl Booster and you can see a smidge of Barbecue on her left (right view) cheek.  Mmmm Good.

Hey y'all-Not sure if you know this, but Julianna, over at a A Blonde Walks Into A Blog is having some health concerns.  If you can, head over there and offer her your support.  She is always so supportive and positive for all of us, I'm sure she's appreciate the love. Keep in her in your thoughts and prayers.

Love to all.


  1. I am a new follower and your blog is super cute (as is your baby girl). :)

  2. i love her outfit!!! she is just way too cute!! :)

  3. Love these photos, you have such a cute model!

  4. oh spill...where did you get the skirt? how freakin adorable is that one? dying to see the rainboots!