Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Have you seen these pillow pets???  I'm sure you have.  Nik has had her eyes on one for quite sometime now. Wherever we went, if they carried them, she always managed to find them, and she would have to stop, run to them, start grabbing all of them and hugging them.

They have been out for awhile, and I have been putting off getting one for Nik (obviously because they are not a necessity).  I was trying to hold out till Christmas.  My mother stated that they took her to the mall, and she went CRAZY and threw a fit when they tried to drag her away from them at the mall.  Before the hubs and I went out of town this weekend, I decided to splurge and get the pumpkin one, so she could have it at Mimi's and Papa's. I let her pick, and she wanted the purple hippo, pictured above (I don't have a pic to show you till we get our internet up and running).

Nik just loves soft things. Blankets, big stuffed animals, pillows, anything. She drags them all over the house, and loves to go "plop" on them and lay her head down.  And she wants you to lay with her, so she'll pat the soft item and pull you or motion for you to come over to enjoy with her.  They are super soft, and you can velcro them up into more of a stuffed animal shape to carry with you.

You can view their website HERE!!!


  1. How cute. I may just have to get one for my Landyn :)

  2. How adorable! GG loves sitting and laying on a gigantic flower pillow we have but I'm thinking she'd really get a kick out of one of these!

  3. Blake had the Lion one...and he is pretty much obsessed with it :)

  4. ohhh heading to their site to see what other shapes they have! cute idea...i've seen those but i think lily is of the age to really like them now!