Thursday, August 26, 2010


Internet is finally back, yeah!!
How much does this child love bubbles?!
Sunset is my favorite time to shoot now. Golden hour. I am in love with the lighting on the pictures I captured this day! 


  1. Such sweet pictures, she seems so amazed by the bubbles.

  2. Looks like she is having fun!!! Cute

  3. Great pictures if Nic and the bubbles!! Blake loves bubbles right now too....such a fun age :)

  4. p.s. THANKS for your sweet comments on my blog. They always make my day :)
    I wish that I could reply to you via e-mail...but I don’t think that you have it set up so I can reply that way!!

    I ALSO shop in our hospital gift shop...they have the cutest stuff there :)

    Can’t wait for my appt. next week so I can hear my baby girl...and maybe get a little shopping in too...haha!! (and YES the time off work during the day is a major bonus :))

  5. gymboree has the most incredible bubbles...if you are ever looking for more!!!

    what is it about bubbles...too bad something so simple and fun doesn't entertain kids as they get older!

    she's just precious getting the bubbles...yea to internet...i can't even imagine!

  6. this post is adorable! your daughter is just too cute!