Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1st day of School.

The new daycare provider, Nichole, that we take Nik to, (she has been going there since May), used to be a pre-school teacher. So, she tries to incorporate some school structure, "curriculum," into the day.  Most of the other kids that attend are older than Nik 3, 4, 5 and 6.  This did cause me some concern initially, and I considered not sending her there, but we really liked her, and we figured a little preschool structure would be a good transition for her later.  I feel like it does intimidate her a little to be around so many older kids, and she has been more quiet since we switched daycares (which kills me).  It has taken her three months to adjust to the new place, which is a lot longer than I expected, but we did feel moving her was the best decision in the long run, we hope anyway.  The kids all adore her, and kind of look after her.  There is a new little baby there now, and Nik just dotes on him. So, now she's got someone to look after too.

Nichole usually sets aside an hour at the same time every day where the kids do circle time. They learn the weather, discuss what day of the week it is, learn a new word and color things like that. They have a little table, and they frequently do little art projects and read story, things like that. That was one of the reasons I chose Nichole bc I wanted Nik to have a little structure, if only for an hour, or for whatever amount a 1 year old can sit still for, bc that is what I would give her if I were home with her. I have never actually attended circle time, but I have been told, that she does sit still for it.

Tomorrow is the first official day of "preschool."

This wasn't really in our budget, and I am still kicking myself for indulging in it, but it was something that I really wanted to do for her, so she would feel like a "big kid."  So, we got her a back-pack, a lunch box, a big girl cup (with a straw, which she LOVES) and a new pair of shoes, just like any kid going back to school.  I get so excited around this time of  (Fall, School) year, and my head spins around in circles. I think it has something to do with all the energy I put forth each year I attended school growing up around this time.  Every year, at this time, I feel like a kid starting a new school year. There's a chill in the air, a cool wind, that Fall smell of burnt leaves, leaves falling (little to soon), jeans, boots, scarves, and hats, and it's Football season, and the Cheerleader in me goes into hyper-drive. 

I just LOVE back to school stuff, and I can't wait till Nik is "officially" in preschool, Kindergarton, 1st Grade. Of course, I don't really mean that, I want her stay whatever age she currenly is forever, but I also looking forward to all those "big" school days ahead.  I'm sure I will be that mother who takes a whole roll of film (2g memory card) tryng to preserve forever the 1st Day of School.  I swear I should have been a teacher the way I love "Back to School" so much.

So we practiced tonight for the big day tomorrow, and just in case we get a late run out the door tomorrow. Here's a pic of my litle "big" girl, oh, and monkey too.

Love you "Big" Baby Girl!


  1. ok that lunch box and back pack etc are too precious! i bet she does terrific!