Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Top Two Favorite Stores!!

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Umm...Duh.  As you all can read in my profile on the right Vickie's is my absolute favorite store!!  Before hubs started limiting my shopping expenditures, I used be in this store a couple times a week!!  I would always get a little kick when I went to get the mail and there was a glorious new flyer in the mail or coupon for free undies!!  It's like Heaven walking in there and I feel like Rebecca Bloomwood in Shopoholic when the mannequins bekon her in to the store and start talking to her.  That's how I feel when I walk in here!!  And it is always flooded with beautiful, bubbly, sparkly associates (with great hair) at your wimb, aching to assist you in your every need.  

Our town recived an upgrade to our store a couple of years ago, and I almost died waiting for them to re-open.  It was a nightmare.  They temporarily opened this little take out Vickie shop down the way from the site whiel it was under reapir but it wasn't nearly the same.  They did away with our make-up section wit the remodel which made about made me cry, I literally nearly begged them in the store to not do away with it, but we have a store less than an hour away that carries the line. 

But the upgrade is AWESOME!! and they now carry swimsuits and a more lucrative product line.  It's by far my favorite store for many years now.  And any indulgence is a gift for everyone.  But, I must say when hubs brings home a pink box or a little pink bag, my little eyes light up like it's aTiffany's Blue Box (which by the way elicits almost, not quite, the same reaction as Vickie's for me!)


In our little po-dunk town here, we don't have nearly the retail that is readily available in larger, more metropolitan cities, so this is just about as good as it gets here...Really what I would love to see more of here are the little quaint independent ritzy shops that you find in other areas, but sadly, there's not really an audience for them here in our town, no longevity, but that is the kind of shop I would open here if I could. 

 So this, to me, is the best place we have to shop here in town for a kind of one-stop shop.  They have complimentary shipping and wrapping, and no interest on their store cards!  There's always good service as they receive commission on sales!  They tend to carry some brands that you don't find at our other retail stores available here.  And best of all, our Mimi works there, so we always like to visit her (and it's an excuse to window shop), and all the girls love when I bring Nik in, always all dolled up!


  1. Oh I love VS! I wish I lived in a small quaint town with a cute little shop!

  2. LOVE VS as well, as a matter of fact I just got a coupon in the mail for a free pair of panties! Who doesn't love free panties?!! Excellent choice!

  3. I love VS too!! I keep getting the new bathing suit catalogs and it is making me want a few :)

  4. i ♥ VS too! that's all my stuff is ..was until i started nursing! their store always calls to me! laura...come inside we have pretty things to wear

  5. AH, what girl doesn't love V.S..!!!!