Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Top 2 Tuesday!!

Top Two Tuesday is hosted by Taylor at Undomestic Mama. 
You can see Taylor's Top Two Picks for the week and many other Mama's: Here.

Top 2 Things You CAN'T Live Without!!

1. Obviously, The Pumpkin and the Hubs and Family come first, along with the necessities of life (especially soap and hot water, ha!)...But, after saying that, I ran into this problem the other day.  I was with my family, had food, a roof over my head, and everything you could ask for, but I was without the 2 Things I needed the most, and I felt completely and utterly helpless...

My Cell Phone

2.  My Debit Card.

Also, I have missed a couple Top Two's recently, but I discovered that I missed "Celebrity Style" Week, and I have to comment here (better late than Never!!)  I LOVE bothe these ladies Iconic Classic Styles.

1. Audrey Hepburn


2. Jennifer Anniston

In other news...my baby niece is coming today.  My sister-in-law's C-Section is scheduled for 2 pm.  Ha!!  I joked with my Sis-in-Law that it's as if she's ordering my niece out of a catalog (Babies on a schedule!)  Unfortunately, I don't think I am going to be able to make it up there to Chicago to see the new little pumperkin till Sunday (The pumpkin's 1st Birthday Party is Saturday).  It's going to be very hard for me bc I was there before my other Niece was born, and got to hold her in the hospital right after she was born.  But, it will probably be better to have a visit at home than in the hospital. 

It's going to be very hard for me to wait to see this little Princess, but I am SO excited!!  I also can't wait to see my brother, sister-in-law and 5 year old niece!  Hold on new baby girl, Auntie is coming...New Baby, Yeah!!


  1. I totally agree. My cell phone was on my list and I feel so lost when I don't have my debit card with me.

  2. Great Picks! I couldnt live without my iPhone, I would be so lost(HA)! Your blog is precious and your daughter is too cute!! Thanks for sharing, Happy Tuesday!!

  3. I hate when I don't have my cell phone, I feel kinda naked without it!

    Great style choices.

    Congrats on the new niece, new babies are the best!

  4. what on earth did we do b4 cell phones? i have no idea! how lucky we have it!!!

  5. i love my credit/debit card!!! its so nice - i tend to spend cash so much more quickly!
    and i'm new to your blog -your daughter is absolutely previous!!!

  6. I agree...I definitely can't live without those two things either!

  7. Debit card is a good one!! I never have cash on me!! The debit is a necessity!!

  8. Love your choice of Jen A. Think she's an all American beauty! And thank goodness for debit cards...never having more than a few pennies at any given time, it's a must!