Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday Pumpkin!!

What you're doing now?

You say "Woof Woof" and (you are fascinated with yourself and the fact that you can say this, say it over and over whenever you see a dog (real or stuffed) whenever you see any kind of animal (yes, squirrels are "woof woof's too) and whenever someone says it to you).  Basically, all the time, in the car, in the house, while taking a walk, in the grocery store, everywhere, anytime.  And, you can spot a dog a mile away!

You love soft things (blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, towels, etc. and you will lay your head down on them and lay there for a moment).

You love to give hugs and kisses.

You love to love on your stuffed animals.

You utilize anything to help you maneuver around the house from toys to chairs to strollers to pieces of furniture.

You are the fastest crawler ever!!  You could win a fastest crawler championship.

You love climbing stairs, and you are super fast.

You say lots of words; you even have your own language, and have little conversations (that you think people understand).

You always have a smile on your face, a big cheesy smile, and you have one dimple on the left side.

You laugh out loud when you are tickled or thrown in the air or you find something funny, like when someone (mommy or mimi) is acting silly with you.

You LOVE food, and you are a champion eater.  You love big people food like meat, potatoes (especially potatoes) and you LOVE spaghetti.  You love to suck it up from the bottom of the noodle to the top, and you make a glorious mess!

You are not really found of sweets or other carbs/bread besides potatoes.

You love setting things specific places and putting things back in their place.

You LOVE your little Tykes Slide and Car that your Nana bought you for your 1st Birthday and your polka- dot Pottery Barn Chair from your Mommy and Daddy.  They are by far your favorite gifts this year!

There's so much more that's you...But enough for now.
You are our little pumpkin, and we love you.  Happy 1st Birthday baby doll~!


  1. What a sweet post! Happy birthday to your little girl!!

  2. she is just precious and happy in her photo! congrats mom and dad on one year! it went fast huh?!

  3. Happy, happy Birthday to your little princess!!!


  4. Congrats! Happy Bday to the Pumpkin!! The photos are always great. I liked reading what she is upto at her age. That is always neat.