Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Valentines Day!!

Ok, so all this talk about "Love Actually" and with Valentines Day approaching it has got me thinking about this movie that I have been seeing previews for.  I am SO EXCITED to see it!!  Of course, I know, it probably will not be on near the same level as Love Actually, but the premises seem similar, and they both have these fantastic casts, with all these different, inter-twining relationships.  I think it will also be a romantic movie but with a fun playful twist on Valentines Day itself.  It opens February 12.  I can't wait!!

I am also excited for this.  Though I know that it will be sad ( I insanely love and loathe Nicholas Sparks forthis purpose).  My mother bought the book, and I told her I wanted to read it, but this was right after the pumpkin was born, and I was just trying to stay sane, much less sit down and lesiurely read a romantic love story, so I never did read it.  Once I gathered myself back together, and conquered Mommyhood, my mom offered it to me, but after she called me late one night balling talking about how much she "hates" (loves) his books because they always end in tragedy, I steadily declined becuase I knew someone must die.  So, I know I am asking for it, but I want to see it.  I also think this Tatum fellow is somewhat of a little scrumptious muffin! 

I did the same thing with The Notebook.  I had seen the movie with Mandy Moore, A Walk to Remember, and I LOVED that, but just couldn't get over how she dies in the end.  I also loved Message in a Bottle, but thought it was terribly sad too.  I refused to watch the Notebook, and then a couple years after it came out, I decided I would watch it after some girls at work were talking about the book.  This was when my hubby and I were first together.  I picked it up after a short day of work and classes, he comes home, and I'm sitting on the couch balling my freaking head off, and he thinks I must be nuts!!  And, I just keep talking about how they had this incredible love story, and this is my favorite movie of all time, and I can't believe what I have been missing out on all this time, and how I was going to watch for a second time right then.  And just like that, I was hooked on his stuff.


  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog
    I am a new follower =)

    Your blog is too cute

    I want to see Dear John and Valentines Day

  2. I want to see those movies so bad!!!! Too bad hubs hates going to the movie theater so I have to wait until they are out on dvd so we can rent them!

  3. my hubby will refuse to see both of those so i'll have to wait for video! although i'm pulling for the valentine's day one...my inlaws are sitting again last weekend this month and i soooo deserve ...i mean i think we should take more than just a lunch out as a couple! ha ha
    i know what you mean about serendipity...i get sooo upset when they go to our home and see the sister and her bf...doing the deed and he thinks it's her...noooooooooooo
    and it's hard not to feel sad for lars when he does such a super awesome proposal!!!
    and john is my secret crush too...did you ever see 1408?
    btw...there's an empty lot across the street...come on!!!!! :o)

  4. I cant wait to see both movies!!
    I cant believe ALL of the famous ppl. in Valentine's Day! Looks like it HAS to be good!

    And Dear John..I will see that JUST for the hottness factor with Channing...SO CUTE! I usually like to read the book first, but havent read that one!

  5. Thanks for stopping by...my Bug just turned 9 months.Your Pumpkin is adorable! Valentine's Day is on my To See list too!

  6. I am a new follower! I can't wait to see those movies too!

  7. I really want to see both movies...was going to go this weekend for my bday but there is supposed to be some MAJOR snow heading this way :( Darn winter!!


  8. These are the 2 movies I'm excited to see too! Make sure to post about them after you go!