Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Top Two Tuesday Favorite TV Shows.

Top Two Tuesdays hosted by Taylor at Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too.  You can see Taylor's Top Two picks and many other Mommas here: http://benandtay.blogspot.com/.

Ok, so many of yo ualready know that the hubs and I do not pay for cable.  We've gone back and forth with it, and have ultimately decided at least for about a year now, that we wouldn't pay for it anymore...so we have rabbit ears in the attic, and we get about 5 channels that are on a good all in service.  Sooooo...my choices are somewhat limited, Ha Ha!! But, I definently have to say that this Season I am REALLY into....

1. American Idol

Everyone this Season is SOOOOOO Talented, and so UNIQUE!!  I LOVE EVERYONE!!

But also LOVE this girl-Katelyn!!  Look at that HAIR!!  OMG AMAZING!!
Like her too-Janell!!
Really they are all so amazing and so talented.  I am LOVING IT!!

(I have a thing for Blondes I think-cause I'm trying to get back to my roots-Ha, Ha!)

2. House

I know, I know..He's crass, and rude, and probably is a walking legal medical lawsuit nightmare, but...I still LOVE it!!  It's the one program I have remained faithful to for a number of years which is more than I can say for a lot of things.  I like the original cast and episodes the best, but it never fails to amaze me everytime I watch which I think is why I have remained so loyal and faithful!  Each new episode never disappoints in one way or the other.  Never fails to shock and amaze me what comes out of his mouth, ha!  I love Hugh Laurie, I think he's brillant on the show as "House."  When I was preggars with the Pumpkin, I used to watch House re-runs for two-three hours every night while I laid in bed.

But, since we're cheating...I also really LOVE this show:

and this one
30 Rock

which both come on Thursday Nights (where my faithful "Friends" used to reside).  Woo hoo!

And, wow, this is HARD, seriously cheating here, Ha! 
I also (when I'm home during the day) "Live with Regis and Kelly" and "Oprah."

 When we had cable...I also LOVED "The Girls Next Door" and
"The Housewives of Orange County-OC!!!"


  1. I don't watch american idol, but someone sent me a link to Didi and I love her.!! Hope she wins.!

  2. Stopping by from Taylors blog, just wanted to say Hi and I liked your top two pics =)! The office is soo funny! Take care.

  3. Great picks! I loved those girls on American Idol last night!!! Katelyns hair is so cute!!! Thanks for linking up!

  4. I LOVE American Idol...I really like Didi too...I'm rooting for her now..but that may change...too early to tell for sure yet :)

  5. Hey! I found your blog from Taylor's. SO cute! Your daughter is adorable, and we have a LOT of the same like's that you mentioned in your about me section! Love American Idol as well :)