Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Top Two Dream Vacations.

Top Two Hosted by Taylor at Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too!!!

You can see Taylor's Top Two picks of the week, and many other Mommas Here:

1. Our Honeymoon.  My Dream Vacation would be, If I could, to re-live our Honeymoon.  Our honeymoon was the MOST WONDERFUL two weeks of my life.  My husband and I took off for TWO WHOLE weeks, with the back of our Tahoe loaded down with waaaayyyy too much luggage (I'm a compulsive over-packer, Ha!) and went on a road trip.  I determined if we could spend two weeks in a car together and travel thousands of miles, then we could whether any storm!  We traveled from our home address through Oklahoma ("Wher the wind comes rolling through the plains..."), New Mexico, Anthem, Scottsdale, Prescott, Sedona through Durango, Colorado, and returned back home two weeks later.  We shot automatic weapons at a gun rage in Scottsdale, AZ, went off roading through the Red Rock Mountains of Sedona, visited the Grand Canyon, and drank margaritas by the pool and hot tub for nearly a straight week!  It was absolute Heaven!  I even got to go shopping!!  My husband's parents have a BEAUTIFUL home in Anthem Arizonia where we spent some time.  We were married in October, so the weather was absolutely beautiful that time of year there, and as we headed through Colorado on the way back, we could see some snow capped mountains!!  I even had to purchase some warmer clothes near the end of our trip as it turned colder as we headed through Colorado!  I keep telling my husband when we retire w should go back and forth between Arizonia and Colorado.  I told him I could own a little shop in Durango, he could be a local Forest Ranger and we could live up in the mountains!!  It's so beautiful there, with the water, the trees, and the mountains!!  I don't have any pics to share (though there were loads) maybe I can find some to add later, but I found these via the internet to timeline our journey for you...

New Mexico
Anthem, AZ


Durango, Colorado

2. Chicago.  Ok, so Chicago is only 2 hours North of us, but I still consider it to be one of my ABSOLUTE favorite places to visit!  My Brother (Sister-in-Law and Niece, soon to be Nieces), and my husband's sister and her fiance live there.  It's the Windy City, with Lake Michigan, home to skyscrapers, old world styles and history, museums, art, theatre, music, Beautiful at Christmas Time, there's AMAZING shopping there, and home to the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cubs!!  Every year for my Birthday, I ask my husband to take me to a Cubs Game, and that's want I want again for my Big 30!!  I'd love for it to be a warm Spring/Summer day, and be at a Cubbie Game in Chicago drinking an Old Style and eating a Stadium dog.  Ahh, heaven!


  1. I love your picks!!! Me and hubs have been talking about doing a road trip like that! The fall would be the perfect time to do it! Thanks for linking up. I hope your having a great day!

  2. I have told my husband that I would love to take aroad trip like that. It would be so fun. I also would like to go to Chicago.

  3. my boyfriend and I are going to Chicago in 3 weeks! Neither of us have ever been...sooooo excited!!!

  4. Thanks for the comment, I deleted by mistake, is there any way you can repost it =( sorry girl

  5. I LOVE road trips!! What a great honeymoon!!

    And Chicago is one of my favorite places too!!

  6. omg i love love love love road trips...but only when the kids are big enough not to whine...

  7. I LOVE going to Durango!!!!!! I live in Co!

    Love your picks

    By the way, I am doing a great blog post about rl friends and bloggy friends that look like celebs. I have a bunch of people playing and will link your picture to your blog = more followers. If you have a picture, send it to me.oxxoxo