Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Up and Up.

Nik has been feeling much better.  Thank Goodness.  These pics are from last weekend, bc I haven't snapped any this week yet.  Her nose is not runny or stuffed up anymore, and her cough is subsiding, just a few weak coughs here and there.   I am so thankful that I took her back and we got her on a Z-pak.  It's amazing how fast she started to get better after that.  I know that children should build their own immunity against these viruses, but how relieved are you when they give you these magic elixirs and, VOILA!!, your children turn right back around from that sick path they were heading down.  I have to admit, this thing was so bad, I was so worried about our little pumpkin!  We can finally have my sister-in-law, to take our little pumpkin's 9 month photos!  She's nearly 10 months at this point!  Which makes me a little sad that she's changed a little and we missed that window, but I am excited to take some photos of her naked in her little hat, crawling, cruising, and my sis-in-law mentioned some V-day shots, and I had been wanting to do that too (we think alike on photography so much sometimes), so I am soooo excited!

The pumpkin's taking a nap now, I was tempted to take one with her, but I FINALLY am going to take our tree down, while my hubby is relocating his office today.  They are moving locations and he rented a U-Haul and a friend and he are doing it all themselves to save money!  Isn't he such a little hard worker?!  We're so proud!  So, I've got to get the Christmas Storage boxes out of the basement beofre the pumpkin wakes up.  Just wanted to wish you a Happy Weekend.  We will be cleaning and putting away Christmas decs today and putting up some Valentined Day ones!!  Yeah!! 

I just love this little hat I got her from Baby Gap, sooo cheap!!  Isn't it addorable?!  I love how old fahioned their winter gear is this year!  It's absolutely adorable!!  I hope they continue to make clothes and accesories this adorable, I will be in there more often (on sale days of course!)  I just love winter and fall because of all the accessories you can pile on: scarves, hats, mittens, boots, big purses! 
There's so much fun stuff!

Nik is obsessed with the laundry shoot door!!  It's just her size!  It terrifies me that some time I'm not going to watching, or the door will be left open, and she's going to fly down it.  I have the same terrible fear about the basement stairs.  Scary!

I just love putting tons of bright colors on her!  She looks so adorable in jeans and a black turtleneck too, though.  Like a little version of me!  Ha!  Ugh, I can't believe my husband and I are almost 30!!  How sad will that be to no longer be in the 20's?


  1. I am so glad your pumpkin is getting better!She is beautiful,I love the pic on your header,too cute!Thanks for sharing your pictures,they look great.
    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

  2. Stopping by from SITS! Glad your baby girl is feeling better. Enjoy your day!

  3. What a beautiful picture of your baby as your blog header! Did you take it?
    Happy SITS Sharefest!