Friday, November 6, 2009

Routine Break.

There's this crazy thing called being a Mom, that puts the obsessive compulsive, anal, planner, neat freak, organizational, high strung, emotional, crazy into anyone. I have always thought of myself as a clean person. I really try to be -Thanks, Mom. I would also say that I am a pretty organized person as well. Slightly obsessive compulsive, and somewhat of a planner.
Before my husband started tearing our house apart for the re-model, I would say you could probably eat off of the counters and the floors in our house, I kept a pretty clean house. Then when my husband tore the house apart, I had to learn how to relax and not freak out about the little things that don't get done or cleaned around the house, which has helped me since having a child. Becuase when you have a child, and you are the primary caregiver, and working full-time, things are going to fall the wayside. There will be dust bunnies, and dishes in the sink, and laundry that has to wait. And Josh's dirty socks on the living room floor and his underwear in the bathroom don't seem as catastrophic as they used to. Because after all, those things seem small compared to a big empty room where your kitchen used to be or drywall, saw dust, paint, and tools laying all over what used to be the living room. I have always been quite tolerant of my husband-Josh leaving things laying around, I really don't mind following him around with a little broom and dustpan. Ha ha! Seriously though, I don't mind doing it bc I like taking care of him, and well, he's a guy. Isn't that what guy's do??!! I really only mention it when I'm about to pull my eyes and hair out because I'm over stressed and overworked or if we are having an argument and I need leeway.

Enter Motherhood, and all those little crazy quirks become full blown borderline disorders! I mean, you have to keep it together as a mother, and I only have 1! Every evening since I went back to work when Nik turned 12 weeks, I have this nightly routine that I do (this, of course, is pre-swine flu shot, pre-teething days): I get Nik ready for bed. This could include a full on bath or sponge bath. But, always consists of changing her diaper, putting her jammies on, reading her a story or two, singing to her, rocking in the rocking chair, talking quietly to her, nursing her if needed in the rocking chair. I turn her mobile on, her white noise, get her nookie, her bunny foo foo or monkey lovie, and put her down. Afterwards, I take care of our black Labrador Diez. He is healing from some issues that I'd rather not hash right now, but he requires at least 1/2 or more of my attention at this time. Then, I pick up around the house as best I can, without going full on cleaning (I'd never stop if I started, and I'd be a walking Zombie!). I will put any clothes in washer/dryer that need to be. Load the dishwasher. Clean the dishes/pots/pans from dinner. Clean the kitchen. Then I will wash/dry Nikolina's bottles/bowls/spoon, etc. Next I will wash/dry my medella breast pump parts and bottles. Then, I will measure out the gerber poofs, and cereal for Nik for the next day, and the formula for her bottles (I have to add a little supplement since I went back to work and couldn't keep up with Nik's milk supply needs and depending on the day and how full my milk supply was/is, I have to vary how much supplement is added to the breast milk and put in the dispenser daily). I measure out the breast milk into the bottles for the following day. Next, I will pack Nikolina's two bags for the next day. This includes in her diaper bag: adding diapers, a change of clothes, burp clothes, bibs, toys, blankets, teethers, nuks. In her other bag: a crawl toy, her daily journal, her cereal bowl, cereal, formula, formula dispenser, spoon, bib, thermometer, motrin for teething, gerber poofs, wash cloth, etc. I put them by the door. I also make sure my purse, breast pump bag, and milk thermos bag is ready by the door as well (I have learned that it saves time to1. Have these bags ready by the door 2. Saves me from having to drive all the way home from work to get something I forgot. Then I pack my lunch for the next day. Finish off any laundry that needs brought up or put in dryer, say good night to the dog, set my electric curlers out if I am using them the next day, have an idea in mind off what I am wearing the next day, and set that out if necessary, and have Nik's outfit set out, coat, hat(by the door) ready for the next day. Every second in the morning is essential. I get my glass of water and put that by the bed for late night feeding, get my phone and the baby monitor and plug them in by the bed, and take a shower (I have to shower at night, as I would never make it to work the next day if I didn't do it the night before). I do all those womanly things required after a shower/bath, moisturize, brush teeth, comb/brush hair, etc. and put my pj's on if I haven't already done so. Then, I do anything that needs to be done at that moment, check the baby in her room, turn white noise on again, and go to bed. The time I actually get to bed can vary, sometimes it;s already the next day, esopecially lately with Nik not getting to sleep.

That's it, in a nutshell. That's my routine, and I'm pretty faithful to it, every night. Doesn't vary much from that. Things can vary from the time I come home from work up until my nightly routine but they pretty much involve taking care of the baby, feeding the baby, playing with the baby, changing the baby, taking care of the dog, putting the baby down for a nap, etc. The morning you can pretty much get the gist of. It's like a race for the Gold, aka getting Nik and myself ready and out the door and get work on time. There's a early morning feeding, sometimes a nightly feeding. I wake up, take care of Nik if she's awake, get ready for work, get the milk and bags, get what I need for work, purse, breast pump, lunch, let the dog out (though sometimes Josh does that for me), feed the dog, get Nik dressed, get Nik to the Nanny, discuss things with her, Nik's schedule, any events, my schedule, Josh's schedule, any instructions. Any kids sick, etc, what's going on with Nik since yesterday, etc. Then I'm off to work, usually I'm pretty regularly anywhere from 5 min to 10 minutes late, since having Nikolina. There are times that's it's more and I have to use vacation time (you can only use vacation or make it up when you're late), or make up the extra time, but I can't bare to be away from Nik for longer than I have to be, so I usually just use vacation time.

Well, this past week was a little break from my nightly routine because of Day Light Savings Time last Sunday. Ever since we "fell back," I have had some "extra time" to catch up. The first 3 days, I was going at my usual pace, and actually was an hour early for three days, just waiting around till I needed to be somewhere. Then for 4 days, I was able to do some of my nightly routine in the morning, because I was running on "borrowed time." Also, because I was so exhausted after finally getting Nik to bed, I really had no choice but to do it in the morning, and it was easier than the doing it the night before. I imagine, soon, my body will get back to it's routine, and I will be completing my nightly ritual as usual but for now, it's a nice break, and I actually feel like I have a little extra time in the day. It would be nice to feel this way every day. Guess I'll just wait till next year around this time. Even though, it's put Nik a little out of whack for the week, I have enjoyed the chance to feel caught up in the morning.


  1. Ok..let me say that although I am not a mommy I totally get what you are saying. I was a nanny for many years and I get that. I also had my godson living with me for several months and it was like the same thing. No matter how tiring it is, you still love it. I mean who wouldn't like to have a few extra minutes, but you still love it.
    She is adorable.
    Have a great time with her.
    PS - Don't spoil the hubby too much b/c as the years go on you will be tired of it and he won't know what hit him!! Trust me on this one!!

  2. I need routine in my life, too. My kids I think are happy for it as well. They know what to expect. Just found you from SITS!