Friday, November 13, 2009

It's a GIRL!!!

My Sister-in-law and Brother are having another Girl!! I am so happy for them!! I can't wait! My niece is beside herself with happiness at this news, coming off a recent trip to Disneyland high as well. I just know they will be great friends (just like my sis-in-law and her sister). I am happy that Nik will have another cousin close in age, and a girl! I'm sure they'll be great friends! She is having a very delicate pregnancy, though, her placenta is in front of the baby, and she has been experiencing some bleeding. Her doctors say that she might come early, or she could get hospitalized down the road, women in this state can loose a lot of blood at birth, so it is dangerous, they have to keep a supply of her blood type in case transfusions are needed. And depending on where the baby is laying they may have to giver her a hysterectomy. This is their last child, so that is not so much a concern for them, as is the well being of the baby. I will be praying, as my niece would be beside herself if anything happened. If you find yourself praying for anyone in particular, please throw a prayer in for my baby niece that is comfy and cozy in her mommy's belly.In other news, not sure if I already updated this, but last weekend, Josh said that Nik said, "NANA." And, she indeed did start saying, "Nana." The children at her daycare call Nikolina's daycare provider, "Nana," so she hears it quite a lot, and I know my mother-in-law was practicing with her last weekend as well. I also heard her say "Mom," three different times starting last Sunday, but only once each time, and very casually. But, she has been saying it more frequently, but still not in succession, and very non-chalantly. She is also saying, "ba, ba, ba," for bottle maybe? She is well on her way...I can't wait for her to pick up more words, and increase her vocabulary. I can't wait for her to really, though, understand the meaning of the words, and be able to communicate them with me. I have been trying to inforce the sign-language, just a few signs on a regular basis, like "eat, milk, more, full, sleep, etc." Hopefully, she will start picking a few of them up. She started waving I want to say two weeks ago, which I think I posted on, and she is really into that right now, of course she does it kind of randomly, and I don't know that she quite knows the meaning of it. I am looking forward to when we can help her associate all these new words and actions with meaning!


  1. Hi there!

    Stopping in from SITS!

    My two year old is babbling a mile a minute - with a lisp!

    Its darling and he actually says some words that show he's learning to communicate.

    Love it!



  2. I hope everything goes well for your sister-in-law and brother!

    That's very cute about your baby saying "Nana!" I love the age before they start saying actual words...too cute! My son just turned two and I know by the time he turns 3 he'll be talking very well. So I'm enjoying the last few months of his "baby talk" for now!

    Great blog! Stopping by from SITS and I'll be back soon!