Friday, October 9, 2009


The little Pumpkin has a cold, and a bit of a bad coughus. It seems to have started after her Flu shot, and we thought, initially, that it was just a reaction from her Flu Shot, but now, we're not so sure. She started sneezing shortly after her shot Friday, and started to get a bit of a runny nose. Sunday night, she wouldn't sleep, and nothing seemed to calm her, not even nursing her. We thought maybe, she was teething. Then on Wednesday, the poor little pumpkin started coughing, and she hasn't stopped since. It makes me wish that I was home with the poor little pumpkin, to comfort her. But mainly, I feel responsible for placing her in Day Care, where she is exposed to germs, and whatever is going around. I am very good about washing my hands often and sanitizing after being at work, so I don't think that I carried it home to her, but I can't be sure. Which makes me feel even more guilty. When we went for Nik's 6 Month check-up, the doctor's office was packed with children, who I'm sure were all sick, but none of them got near Nik. I would hope that the doctor's offices are careful about good hand washing. But either way, the poor little pumpkin has a case of the sniffles and the coughs, and she is not sleeping very well, as she keeps waking up coughing. She has managed to steer clear of a fever, thank goodness. My heart aches for her, I just pray she gets better soon.

Also, I started a second blog. As a 'New Mommy,' I had all this info that I want to keep close by on hand, and wanted to share, but wanted to keep our family blog clean of a hodge podge of articles and info. I thought the info deserved it's own place, and rightfully so. It's just starting, as I will be adding info as I get the time. The blog domain and title are different, as are these. I initially wanted the site to be "Mama Mia," but when I put the domain in, it was already taken, so I tried to think of another one, but there are so many great ones out there that already taken, like The Nest, and The Itch, and so on, so I thought of Pickles and Ice Cream, the adage for preggers, but that was taken as well, so I compromised. In the future, as Josh and I add on to our little family, I would like the domain to be The Garrett Pumpkin Patch, so the blog's purpose is two-fold. You should check it out whenever there isn't a current post on "You, Me, & Baby...," as there may be one there.

The is for something I am working on in my head, but un-decided at this time, where I am going to go with it, so I will let you know as it develops if there's anything there!

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